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Mr Ray and the Missing Colours
Mr Ray and the Missing Colours - Mr Ray and Kalien the alien need to help Roy G Biv get his colours back.
Plays: 13014 Rating: Not rated

Colony queen
Colony queen - You are lonely honey bee aiming to build your own colony. To achieve this aim you need to enter in different g...
Plays: 20619 Rating: Not rated

Dragon University
Dragon University - Enrol at the Dragon University as a young dragon and learn the skills and knowledge required before you can gr...
Plays: 22828 Rating: Not rated

Savage Pursuit
Savage Pursuit - Dr. Animo sends his mutant animals to retrieve the components for his Transmodulator. Ben 10, Gwen and Grandpa...
Plays: 139834 Rating: Not rated

You Da Fly
You Da Fly - Be the fly for once.
Plays: 12596 Rating: Not rated

Xtreme Shell Game
Xtreme Shell Game - Xtreme version of the Shell Game, pretty fun.
Plays: 15931 Rating: Not rated

Xiang Qi Single Player
Xiang Qi Single Player - Play chinese chess with another player offline move your pieces strategically.
Plays: 1952 Rating: Not rated

Xiang Qi Online
Xiang Qi Online - Play chinese chess with another player online move your pieces strategically.
Plays: 2049 Rating: Not rated

Wordo - Select letters from the pile dropping down and make words before too many letters fill the screen.
Plays: 1990 Rating: Not rated

Whack-A-Beast - Whack those beasts in this classic version of Whack-A-Mole. Try not to hit those Neopet... things!
Plays: 1934 Rating: Not rated

UR Checkers
UR Checkers - Nice game of checkers.
Plays: 1944 Rating: Not rated

Ultra Block
Ultra Block - A very nice game, with the style of the famous java game Collapse.
Plays: 1947 Rating: Not rated

Ultimate Tetrix
Ultimate Tetrix - Based on the old classic tetris.
Plays: 2160 Rating: Not rated

Ultimate Snake
Ultimate Snake - Use the arrows to move left and right. Watch out for the walls and your tail.
Plays: 1972 Rating: Not rated

Ultimate Ping
Ultimate Ping - Play pong against yourself and try to keep the ball inside the field using both the paddles! Move yo
Plays: 1853 Rating: Not rated

UFO Rescue
UFO Rescue - Guide your spaceship through the air, and use your picker thing to pick up all the purple UFOs, and
Plays: 2290 Rating: Not rated

Turbo Spirit XT
Turbo Spirit XT - Race with your motorbike on highways around the world, from Germany, Japan, to Mexico and more.
Plays: 2219 Rating: Not rated

Tobby Smash
Tobby Smash - Help Tobby dodge all of the sliding, rotating blocks, while collecting the gems and various other it
Plays: 1976 Rating: Not rated

Tlox - Guide a bright little orb through a dangerous pathway in the dark Space and avoid falling down.
Plays: 1864 Rating: Not rated

Thunder Plunder
Thunder Plunder - Borg has a viking liking for plundering. Help him on his mission to collect treasure and keys to ac
Plays: 2269 Rating: Not rated

The Dead Case
The Dead Case - Explore a haunted town as a ghost and solve the mystery of your own death.
Plays: 1892 Rating: Not rated

Tactic Core
Tactic Core - A nice battle/war game with armies and armor and weapons.
Plays: 1717 Rating: Not rated

Switch It
Switch It - Switch off the lights.
Plays: 1704 Rating: Not rated

Super Mario Rampage
Super Mario Rampage - Super Mario has had enough of headbutting blocks and foolishly jumping on enemies. Now, Mario has a
Plays: 5123 Rating: Not rated

Super Mario Power Coins
Super Mario Power Coins - Dodge the falling obstacles such as the classic angry-rocks, bomb-bullets, american footballs and fi
Plays: 3296 Rating: Not rated

Super Mario Mushrooms
Super Mario Mushrooms - This is yet another Mario game, in which you race around collecting all the mushrooms you can withou
Plays: 8487 Rating: Not rated

Super Flash Mario Bros
Super Flash Mario Bros - This is a nice flash remake of the classic Super Mario Bros, with an option to play as Mario or Luig
Plays: 5681 Rating: Not rated

Sumo - Move in with your sumo wrestler shove the other guy out of the ring.
Plays: 2073 Rating: Not rated

Sudoku Original
Sudoku Original - The original japanese sudoku game with puzzles ranging from easy to very hard. 2DPlay joins the sudo
Plays: 1798 Rating: Not rated

Subtraction - Subtract the numbers as fast as you can.
Plays: 1717 Rating: Not rated

Street Fighter
Street Fighter - A nice fighting game were you have special powers and fight like a ninja.
Plays: 2711 Rating: Not rated

Steppenwolf - Move Steppenwolf through the world and solve the puzzles and avoid getting hurt.
Plays: 2178 Rating: Not rated

Star Fly 3
Star Fly 3 - Your task is to clear all the zones from asteroids and other space junk. Collect power-ups for extra
Plays: 1966 Rating: Not rated

Stackopolis MC
Stackopolis MC - Stack up the tiles according to the blueprint to construct a structure in the city. Hurry up as time
Plays: 1793 Rating: Not rated

Squinx - Change up the lines and line them up into a circle to remove them.
Plays: 1862 Rating: Not rated

Spin the Squirrel
Spin the Squirrel - Not enough room to swing a cat? Then spin a squirrel!
Plays: 1831 Rating: Not rated

Sonny - A modified version of Pacman. Guide Sonny the dog around chomping on the dog bones, trying to avoid
Plays: 2021 Rating: Not rated

Solitaire - Simple card game where have to stack the cards from Ace to King.
Plays: 2049 Rating: Not rated

Sobics School 2
Sobics School 2 - Eliminate all the groups of same colored tiles from an array in this nice little game.
Plays: 1969 Rating: Not rated

Snow Storm
Snow Storm - There has just been a snow storm! Your job is to clear the snow from the parking lots using your sno
Plays: 2472 Rating: Not rated

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