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Build The Bridge
Build The Bridge - Drag and rotate the objects to construct a bridge for your train. Dont let the train crash as it crosses. Buil...
Plays: 1292 Rating: Not rated

Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt - Game, combining old-school platform mechanic and environment with great graphics and non-linear level design. ...
Plays: 1280 Rating: Not rated

Toastache - Help Mr Toastache on his travels in this fun, yet simple game. How far can you get before Mr Toastache becomes...
Plays: 1160 Rating: Not rated

Ticketless - You have been caught trying to ride the train without a valid ticket. There is only one thing for it - run! Wi...
Plays: 1296 Rating: Not rated

Kendomasters - After T-shirts War, here is Kendomasters with the same Silly Dog. Silly Dog help to defend a school which i...
Plays: 1084 Rating: Not rated

Iron Maiden The Final Frontier
Iron Maiden The Final Frontier - With millions of fans all over Earth, Iron maidens next tour destination is space (the final frontier). En rou...
Plays: 1153 Rating: Not rated

ScoobyDoo Heart Quest
ScoobyDoo Heart Quest - Help Scooby-Doo play cupid! Velma and Daphne are trying to send their hearts to Fred and Scooby must make the ...
Plays: 2416 Rating: Not rated

Ink Ball
Ink Ball - A physics puzzle game. Place objects to guide the ink balls towards the inkpot.
Plays: 1318 Rating: Not rated

Ice Cream Parlour
Ice Cream Parlour - You are working at an ice cream parlour and are getting very busy! Quickly choose the ice cream and trimmings ...
Plays: 1586 Rating: Not rated

Faraon Arcanoid
Faraon Arcanoid - Player has to control the paddle to destroy all blocks which have different functions.
Plays: 1528 Rating: Not rated

Top Flight Turtle
Top Flight Turtle - In the future, turtles will have jetpacks! Maybe. Well, probably not, but if they did they would have to patro...
Plays: 1769 Rating: Not rated

Infreno - In this physics platform game it is your job to save a burning building from total destruction.
Plays: 1285 Rating: Not rated

Rescue a Chicken
Rescue a Chicken - An absolutely charming and captivating physics game about baby chickens. Find out how to manipulate elements i...
Plays: 1447 Rating: Not rated

Helmet Bombers
Helmet Bombers - Helmet Bombers - Your mission in this small physic-driven game is to destroy all helmets by shooting and bounc...
Plays: 1250 Rating: Not rated

Crush the Castle 2
Crush the Castle 2 - Even after crushing and capturing Arcturia, the Redvonian King was still longing for more castles to crush. Ru...
Plays: 1531 Rating: Not rated

Mouse in my house
Mouse in my house - Help little mouse to stock up cheese. You have only two minutes to collect as much cheese as you can. But bewa...
Plays: 1644 Rating: 5/5

Max Damage 2
Max Damage 2 - Max is back with some new toys including a machine gun and laser. Topple bbq pits onto fridges, burn bookcases...
Plays: 1391 Rating: Not rated

E-Racer - Its a race against time! Take your shopping trolley and race to as many checkpoints as you can! How long can y...
Plays: 1172 Rating: Not rated

Turtle Run
Turtle Run - Try to reach the ocean as fast as possible while avoiding the falling balls. Down Arrowkey = Cover Left+Right ...
Plays: 1427 Rating: Not rated

Kiwitiki Rescue
Kiwitiki Rescue - Help Kiwitiki gather his Tikiwis in this fun and easy game! Tikiwis are lost in the wild in 16 levels! To brin...
Plays: 1217 Rating: Not rated

Flood - Save the city. Build the flood bank. Use arrows to navigate and space to build the wall.
Plays: 1598 Rating: Not rated

Toffy Cat
Toffy Cat - One day an UFO hovered above the kittens house while he was sleeping. Aliens had dragged his fridge full of fo...
Plays: 1470 Rating: Not rated

Castle Wars 2
Castle Wars 2 - Awesome turn based strategic card game with unlockable cards and multi-player mode. Castle Wars 2 is the seque...
Plays: 1485 Rating: Not rated

Canine Cruisers
Canine Cruisers - Cannie Cruisers, is a cute dogs racing in cars game played with a single mouse button. Wait for the race to st...
Plays: 1282 Rating: Not rated

Age of war 2
Age of war 2 - Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while ...
Plays: 1438 Rating: Not rated

Wild Pixel West
Wild Pixel West - Its a busy day for the sheriff: bad guys to catch, stolen gold to collect. Oh, and your girlfriend has been ki...
Plays: 1315 Rating: Not rated

Soccer Balls
Soccer Balls - Soccer physics-based puzzle action game. Whether you like soccer or not, it doesnt matter. Annoy the referees ...
Plays: 1423 Rating: Not rated

Dog Pound
Dog Pound - Post-apocalyptic survival against a horde of mutant canines! Dog Pound is a story of a man who tries to escape...
Plays: 1130 Rating: Not rated

The Slob
The Slob - The world is a psychedelic alien planet, run and jump skill game with personable alien plants, strange creatur...
Plays: 1350 Rating: Not rated

Swordless Ninja
Swordless Ninja - Little Ninja Mabushi lived happily with his girlfriend Miyuki, and nothing could stop the sun from shining whe...
Plays: 1463 Rating: Not rated

Mario Star Scramble 2
Mario Star Scramble 2 - Collect all the shine sprites and defeat Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom! Use the arrow keys to move and S...
Plays: 7723 Rating: Not rated

Crazy Nails
Crazy Nails - Ever wanted to shoot things with a nail gun? Well, here is your chance! Skill Mode: your objective is to shoot...
Plays: 1493 Rating: Not rated

Slicerix - Slice and collide, physics puzzle game! Instructions: Drag your mouse to slice the grey objects. Collide same-...
Plays: 1416 Rating: Not rated

Gorillaz Escape To Plastic Beach
Gorillaz Escape To Plastic Beach - Escape to Plastic Beach tells the story of Gorillaz journey from the mainland to their new home on Plastic Bea...
Plays: 1039 Rating: Not rated

Bazooki - Welcome to Bazooki, a physics based puzzle shooter where players need to blow up all the barrels in the quicke...
Plays: 1192 Rating: Not rated

Youda Safari
Youda Safari - Give all the tourists a once in their lifetime holiday experience!
Plays: 1170 Rating: Not rated

Rebuild Chile
Rebuild Chile - Help the children from chile affected by the earthquake/tsunami by playing this game. All the funds will go to...
Plays: 1646 Rating: Not rated

Icy Tower
Icy Tower - Help Harold the Homeboy to jump as high up as possible. Make cool jumps along the way to activate the combo mo...
Plays: 1620 Rating: Not rated

Crush the Castle
Crush the Castle - The King has ordered you to crush all resistance in order for his kingdom to survive. Crush castle after castl...
Plays: 1337 Rating: Not rated

Prince of Persia TFS
Prince of Persia TFS - Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands Flash Game
Plays: 2848 Rating: Not rated

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