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Mahjong Titans
Mahjong Titans - Can you remove all tiles in this Mahjong Titans game? Combine 2 of the same free tiles.
Plays: 2843 Rating: Not rated

Hungry Grew 3
Hungry Grew 3 - Grew loves candy! Draw the lines to get into the candy to him in the mouth.
Plays: 3773 Rating: Not rated

Keeper Of The Grove 3
Keeper Of The Grove 3 - Play Keeper Of The Grove 3 and many more free online games similar to Keeper Of The Grove 3. Our online games ...
Plays: 4011 Rating: Not rated

Brave Shorties
Brave Shorties - The princess has been taken! You have been ordered by the king to gather your troops and go on your journey to...
Plays: 3848 Rating: Not rated

Treasure Ship - Spot the Difference
Treasure Ship - Spot the Difference - Spot all the differences between the real and reel picture. Try to finish it off within the time limit. There ...
Plays: 4890 Rating: Not rated

Switch Bot
Switch Bot - Lost on an unfamiliar planet, Switch Bot needs to find his way home. Change colors to move objects and obstacl...
Plays: 4155 Rating: Not rated

Kings Troubles
Kings Troubles - Kings Troubles is a drawing game. Save the King by drawing obstacles before the canon will go off. Draw a figu...
Plays: 2545 Rating: Not rated

Minumatch - Try to get three, or more, in a row. Do this as quickly as possible. Try to complete all the 50 levels to play...
Plays: 1965 Rating: Not rated

Gemtastic Journey
Gemtastic Journey - Gemtastic Journey is the newest match 3 game available at NowGamez. In this nice puzzling game you can measure...
Plays: 2148 Rating: Not rated

Christmas Connect 2014
Christmas Connect 2014 - This is a fantastic Christmas game where you need to connect 2 identical items via 3 or less than 3 straight l...
Plays: 2651 Rating: Not rated

Love Potion
Love Potion - Love Potion can be brewed by mixing drops of the Four Elements. The Great Witch knows the recipe and will teac...
Plays: 1522 Rating: Not rated

Sticky Jump
Sticky Jump - Sticky Jump is a fun game where you have to jump between the walls, eat flies and dodge toxic bubbles. For ear...
Plays: 1395 Rating: Not rated

Gravi Jello
Gravi Jello - Gravi Jello is a supercrazy gravity vs match 3 game. Try to complete all 21 levels. That is hard to do. You ne...
Plays: 1479 Rating: Not rated

Horse Kingdom Solitaire
Horse Kingdom Solitaire - solitaire game from the studio of Horse Kingdom offers you an amazing moments of fun. Good me...
Plays: 1546 Rating: Not rated

Stolen Sword
Stolen Sword - Stolen Sword is a gravity changing platform game. In this Knights 'n' Castles game you will find a lot of fun....
Plays: 1631 Rating: Not rated

The Cursed Knight
The Cursed Knight - Help the knight find the potion to cure the curse that makes his life miserable. The Cursed Knight is a platfo...
Plays: 1739 Rating: Not rated

Safari Leaf
Safari Leaf - An exploration-adventure game. Save all trapped animals in Safari Park after earthquake. Also find 7 different...
Plays: 1670 Rating: Not rated

NFS Cars Differences
NFS Cars Differences - At this differences game we offer you a images of Need for Speed popular cars and your job is to find five dif...
Plays: 3228 Rating: Not rated

Delicious Hidden Numbers
Delicious Hidden Numbers - Find all the hidden numbers on the images. Use the hint button carefully.
Plays: 2055 Rating: Not rated

KeyGrappling - Test your keyboard skills by pressing the right buttons and climb at the top of this five-storey tower.Climb u...
Plays: 1432 Rating: Not rated

Catch the Ball
Catch the Ball - The basic concept in this game is to reach or catch the ball. So, you are in a control of something that looks...
Plays: 1541 Rating: Not rated

Castle of Terror
Castle of Terror - Kill monsters, zombies and vampires through 30 puzzling levels of mystery and face 2 bosses to defeat the evil...
Plays: 1293 Rating: Not rated

Diamonds ancient Egypt 2
Diamonds ancient Egypt 2 - Game about the history of diamonds majestic ancient Egypt. Terms diamonds line of three or more. Click of the ...
Plays: 1454 Rating: Not rated

Rabble The Butterflies
Rabble The Butterflies - Swarm of butterflies is flying inside the butterfly zoo fetching for their exits. Flutter them out by grouping...
Plays: 1177 Rating: Not rated

Bubble Shooter 5
Bubble Shooter 5 - Bubble Shooter 5 is an action-based puzzler that puts players to the task of tossing colored bubbles up to a s...
Plays: 1845 Rating: Not rated

Red Warrior
Red Warrior - Hey, warrior! Do you expect to free up your friends! Use your skill with mirrors to complete levels. Make craz...
Plays: 1411 Rating: Not rated

Go Home Block 2
Go Home Block 2 - The sequel for the 1.2 million-hits game is here! Join again our little cube fellow in his quest to find a new...
Plays: 1354 Rating: Not rated

Cover Orange Pirates
Cover Orange Pirates - The Journey continues! Protect your Pirate oranges from the acid rain. Make sure the fruit is protected from t...
Plays: 1342 Rating: Not rated

Clumsy Monster
Clumsy Monster - Help the clumsy monster in this skill flying game and this way you will get him through many gates. Try your b...
Plays: 1276 Rating: Not rated

Snail and Sokoban
Snail and Sokoban - Controls snail moving through the maze. Move the wooden containers. Stars indicated the desired location movem...
Plays: 1366 Rating: Not rated

Rude Cubes
Rude Cubes - In this Rude Cubes skill game you have to drop all the cubes into the water. Blow them off the platform and fe...
Plays: 1287 Rating: Not rated

Repstyle - A casual puzzle game. Swing from hook to hook, catch the flies, collect coins.
Plays: 1297 Rating: Not rated

Adventures of Harry
Adventures of Harry - Guide Harry the mouse through 30 levels. Use the propeller by pressing the left mouse button to let him fly. C...
Plays: 1283 Rating: Not rated

Splendids First Flight
Splendids First Flight - A small fun game derived from flappy bird. Steer Splendids first flight!
Plays: 1307 Rating: Not rated

Monkey Puzzles World Tour
Monkey Puzzles World Tour - Test your English in the brilliant new quiz game from Cambridge University - Monkey Puzzles World Tour. Shoot ...
Plays: 1301 Rating: Not rated

Candy Shooter 2
Candy Shooter 2 - Candy Shooter 2 is an action-based puzzler that puts players to the task of tossing colored candy up to a sta...
Plays: 1598 Rating: Not rated

Not In my Dungeon
Not In my Dungeon - Be the dungeon boss on an MMORPG game and defeat your opponents one by one.
Plays: 1701 Rating: Not rated

Totems Awakening 2
Totems Awakening 2 - The ancient people are back with more sleeping totems to awake. New obstacles and challenges await. See if you...
Plays: 1817 Rating: Not rated

Spiters Annihilation 2
Spiters Annihilation 2 - Get rid of all the monsters on the screen. No mercy!
Plays: 1604 Rating: Not rated

Little Ninja
Little Ninja - Your fierce ninja is on the job to annihilate every bad ninja on sight! Use your weapons or teleport anywhere ...
Plays: 1610 Rating: Not rated

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