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Bejeweled Jasmine
Bejeweled Jasmine - Have fun with Princess Jasmine playing with her Bejeweled Game. Get together 3 or more equal objects to score ...
Plays: 832 Rating: Not rated

Demolition Dave
Demolition Dave - Use sticks of dynamite to bring down the towers! Progress level by level to bring down taller towers. Try and ...
Plays: 998 Rating: Not rated

Memory Sign
Memory Sign - A fun memory game for everyone!
Plays: 972 Rating: Not rated

Lilith - Its Valentines Day
Lilith - Its Valentines Day - Join Lilith in the companion adventure to Emmas Valentines day. Lilith has a great present for her friend Emma...
Plays: 686 Rating: Not rated

Treasure Keeper
Treasure Keeper - Once you pop - you cant stop. And why stop? Pop as many gems as you can! Its a fun and easy action-puzzle game...
Plays: 1373 Rating: Not rated

Life Turn
Life Turn - He was a usual boy, until he found a gravity changing device. Now he can do exciting things and you need to he...
Plays: 899 Rating: Not rated

Bubble Girl
Bubble Girl - Bubble shooter game with bubbles spinning around a center point. Shoot your bubbles and create groups of 3 or ...
Plays: 641 Rating: Not rated

Snow White Difference
Snow White Difference - Spot the differences in this traditional fairy tale about Snow White. Find all differences between the 2 image...
Plays: 1571 Rating: Not rated

Shining mine
Shining mine - Match-3 game. Try to remove as many bombs as you can before a bomb will explode.
Plays: 1123 Rating: Not rated

Save the Penguin
Save the Penguin - Some nut job in a chopper keeps tossing lumps of coal at our hero, Mr. Penguin. Not like! Please to arrange bl...
Plays: 828 Rating: Not rated

Cuboy Quest
Cuboy Quest - A colourful platform puzzle, skill game with an original 8-bit retro atmosphere.
Plays: 627 Rating: Not rated

Blobs Hunter
Blobs Hunter - Drive all blobs to the bucket avoiding obstacles. 20 levels of fun physics puzzles and action, colorful graphi...
Plays: 1372 Rating: Not rated

Winter Mahjong
Winter Mahjong - Try to remove all tiles from the playing area, you can remove tiles by clicking on 2 of the same (free) tiles....
Plays: 1079 Rating: Not rated

Travel Frenzy
Travel Frenzy - Book as many holidays as you can before the time runs out!
Plays: 964 Rating: Not rated

The Antique Store
The Antique Store - Try to find all the objects listed before the time runs out. If you have some difficulty you will have 2 hints...
Plays: 831 Rating: Not rated

Snow Queen
Snow Queen - All the animals are frozen by the Snow Queen, it is your job to free them by playing this Bejeweled match 3 ga...
Plays: 1127 Rating: Not rated

Angkor Quest
Angkor Quest - Take a fascinating quest on the ruins of the ancient temples of Angkor. Solve the puzzles to win in this excit...
Plays: 1107 Rating: Not rated

Starlight Xmas
Starlight Xmas - What do you see in the Christmas sky? Find what pictures are hidden among the stars. Use your eyes and imagina...
Plays: 768 Rating: Not rated

Glops - Glops is a block puzzle where you eliminate groups of the same color from the board.
Plays: 1007 Rating: Not rated

Blazing Balls
Blazing Balls - A kinda Strategy, but extremely addictive game. Use mouse to shoot all the balls from the board. Move left and...
Plays: 697 Rating: Not rated

Sabina Jewelry 3
Sabina Jewelry 3 - There are four bright and picturesque levels: office-room, jewellery shop, workshop and grocers. You have a li...
Plays: 1333 Rating: Not rated

Morphing - Play through 30 levels as you morph into various objects to reach your target, then create your own levels wit...
Plays: 1169 Rating: Not rated

Robolander - Help the robots to land by removing blocks.
Plays: 943 Rating: Not rated

Raving Rabbids Travel In Time
Raving Rabbids Travel In Time - Its time for destruction! Throw bombs and try to clear the screen from enemies in this funny flash game versio...
Plays: 1211 Rating: Not rated

Magic Crates
Magic Crates - Lucy gets lost in a magic forest, the mysterious magic circle surrounds her. Can you help her get out of it? I...
Plays: 1113 Rating: Not rated

Helmet Bombers 2
Helmet Bombers 2 - Shoot down all the men. Some are hard to get to so be inventive! Play this game with your mouse.
Plays: 1029 Rating: Not rated

Lilith - A Friend at Hallows Eve
Lilith - A Friend at Hallows Eve - Join Lilith in the companion adventure to Emmas Halloween. Lilith has woken up from a LONG nap just in time fo...
Plays: 1136 Rating: Not rated

Emma - A Friend at Hallows Eve
Emma - A Friend at Hallows Eve - Join Emma for a night of trick-or-treating as she meets a new friend named Lilith. Emmas Halloween is a differ...
Plays: 1206 Rating: Not rated

Max Connect 2
Max Connect 2 - Max Connect is back with more brain twisting puzzles! The aim is still to connect all connectors. Use mouse to...
Plays: 754 Rating: Not rated

Hidden Hints Explorer
Hidden Hints Explorer - Find the hidden pieces of paper and arrange them properly in each level to get hints about the object and move...
Plays: 1089 Rating: Not rated

Halloween Ball
Halloween Ball - Guide the ball to the exit by placing arrows on the board.
Plays: 1156 Rating: Not rated

Oliver and the Basilisks
Oliver and the Basilisks - The wizards apprentice, Oliver, has gotten himself in a predicament! Use spells and clever strategy to clear e...
Plays: 707 Rating: Not rated

Wake Up The Box 2
Wake Up The Box 2 - The boxes are back, and once again sleeping! Find ways to wake them up by placing objects on the playfield.
Plays: 888 Rating: Not rated

Jade Monkey Social
Jade Monkey Social - Jade Monkey Beta - A fun and fast paced match 3 game.
Plays: 1885 Rating: Not rated

MemoryWiz - Test and train your short term memory!
Plays: 900 Rating: Not rated

Magic Liquid
Magic Liquid - Try your best to break up all the cute bubbles in the least amount of clicks as possible!
Plays: 834 Rating: Not rated

Jungle Drop
Jungle Drop - Your mission is to find the four magical diamonds. Choose a column, click once to take the diamonds and click ...
Plays: 854 Rating: Not rated

Asterisk 2
Asterisk 2 - Funny puzzle game, 42 entertaining levels, pleasant music, casual graphics. By pressing and holding the colore...
Plays: 1092 Rating: Not rated

Cleaning Day at Alma Mater
Cleaning Day at Alma Mater - There is a cleaning day at the university. The students tidy up the library, lab and at the front door. Help t...
Plays: 778 Rating: Not rated

Roly-Poly Cannon 3
Roly-Poly Cannon 3 - Eliminate the evil Roly-Polys in each level. (killing friendly ones results in 10 points penalty) Use the mous...
Plays: 909 Rating: Not rated

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