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Trap House Escape
Trap House Escape - You are locked in a trap house and you will have to escape from the place by finding needed objects, clues and...
Plays: 730 Rating: Not rated

Bubble Blob
Bubble Blob - A crazy under-the-sea match three puzzler. Can you make the biggest catch?
Plays: 987 Rating: Not rated

Tortuga 3
Tortuga 3 - In Tortuga 3 you have successfully escaped the pirate ship you were imprisoned on, only to find that the pirat...
Plays: 864 Rating: Not rated

Magical Creatures
Magical Creatures - Emerge into a world of fantasy and discover the differences that surround these magical creatures.
Plays: 1286 Rating: Not rated

Bubble Elephant
Bubble Elephant - Grosbraril the underwater elephant has lost his girlfriend Girlyfant! The evil Doramushka has kidnapped her an...
Plays: 794 Rating: Not rated

Clouds 2
Clouds 2 - Our favorite spot the differences game is back in Clouds 2! Use your mouse to click on areas that look differe...
Plays: 895 Rating: Not rated

Bermuda Escape
Bermuda Escape - Bermuda Triangle Escape is an underwater mystery - first you are trapped in the infamous Bermuda Triangle itse...
Plays: 1330 Rating: Not rated

FunkyBall Worlds
FunkyBall Worlds - You must guide the Funkyball through the five unique worlds with agility and by using your brain. Planning you...
Plays: 936 Rating: Not rated

Evolver - Try to evolve your monkey into a modern human being. Can it be done?
Plays: 1841 Rating: Not rated

Covert Front 3
Covert Front 3 - In Covert Front 3 our top secret agent Kara finds herself in a train station in Zurich with new orders - to ap...
Plays: 1097 Rating: Not rated

Skylocopter 2
Skylocopter 2 - Return to the skies in Skylocotper 2! Puzzle your way through tons of cleverly designed levels as you try to s...
Plays: 803 Rating: Not rated

Seven Eyes
Seven Eyes - Seven Eyes is a simple puzzle game about the lucky number seven. Goal: The main goal is to select dice till th...
Plays: 1068 Rating: Not rated

Life Ark 2
Life Ark 2 - Your people have exploited all resources, polluted the water, land and air and have finally managed to kill th...
Plays: 1303 Rating: Not rated

Twilight Puzzle
Twilight Puzzle - Play this puzzle game with Edward en Bella form the Twilight movie. Put the jig saw pieces in the right positi...
Plays: 1088 Rating: Not rated

Puzzle Core
Puzzle Core - Here is a new twist to the block match genre. You play on dual screens and try to destroy the blocks on both s...
Plays: 827 Rating: Not rated

D-Finder 3
D-Finder 3 - Can you spot the differences? Choose your difficulty level, find the differences and win the game. Bonuses and...
Plays: 973 Rating: Not rated

Noelia Chinese chef
Noelia Chinese chef - In this amazing and exclusive game of with Chinese style, you will have to use your memory and find...
Plays: 900 Rating: Not rated

Clouds - In Clouds there are plenty of silver linings - if you can spot the differences between the two sides of the pi...
Plays: 912 Rating: Not rated

Meeblings 2
Meeblings 2 - Two brand new Meeblings are here to help you through 50 all new levels in this long awaited Meeblings sequel. ...
Plays: 929 Rating: Not rated

Crazy Spacy
Crazy Spacy - Destroy Crazy Bubbles by creating lines of 3 or more bubbles of the same kind. You can move the Crazy Bubbles ...
Plays: 1044 Rating: Not rated

SmileyTrap - Catch the bouncing smileys in this fast paced match 3 game with a twist! The Smileys are leaving their homes a...
Plays: 1067 Rating: Not rated

Find the Numbers 15
Find the Numbers 15 - Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers which are in various forms. For each accurate cli...
Plays: 765 Rating: Not rated

Crime Evidence 2
Crime Evidence 2 - In part-I, a young girl Jenny is murdered and we suspect four people who are closely related to Jenny. The kni...
Plays: 722 Rating: Not rated

Salon Escape
Salon Escape - As you do not have the means to meet the hair dressing expenses, you are locked up in the salon. You will have...
Plays: 741 Rating: Not rated

Realtor - Become a millionaire buying and selling real estates. Make click in the houses when the price is low and later...
Plays: 851 Rating: Not rated

Orbis Venatus
Orbis Venatus - It is a maze / agility game where you have to bring the blue ball to the green exit without touching the white...
Plays: 639 Rating: Not rated

Cogitate - Manipulate LEGO TECHNIC gears, beams, conveyors and motors in order to complete ten pre-built puzzles. You als...
Plays: 779 Rating: Not rated

Sergeser - Play unique sliding match 3 puzzle
Plays: 1050 Rating: Not rated

Scriball - Draw a path for the ball to roll along in this innovative skill game! jump: left mouse movement: mouse
Plays: 1052 Rating: Not rated

Mental Showtime
Mental Showtime - You are an orange square-headed freak trapped in a circus side-show. Your objective is to get the heck out of ...
Plays: 930 Rating: Not rated

Cake Factory
Cake Factory - Use your mouse to play this game. Stack the cake to match the cake model to the left. Click on each piece to s...
Plays: 1246 Rating: Not rated

Gem Swap II
Gem Swap II - In this game there will be a number of gems arranged in a particular pattern. You need to swap the positions o...
Plays: 4110 Rating: Not rated

Mind Cards
Mind Cards - Open your mind with increasingly difficult brain exercises
Plays: 1008 Rating: Not rated

Unique Match
Unique Match - Match the tissue types on the tiles to change as many lives as possible by finding matching donors for patient...
Plays: 816 Rating: Not rated

Multiplayer Memory Mayhem
Multiplayer Memory Mayhem - Flip cards to find pairs faster than you opponent
Plays: 875 Rating: Not rated

Cannonball Crisis
Cannonball Crisis - The aim of the game is to clear all the cannonballs at the top of the screen by firing up a cannonball of the ...
Plays: 1169 Rating: Not rated

Alien Puzzle
Alien Puzzle - Complete the puzzle with the puzzle pieces given to you with no time constraints.
Plays: 927 Rating: Not rated

Allout - Turn all the lights on the board out using the least amount of moves and time as possible
Plays: 878 Rating: Not rated

Monster Hatch
Monster Hatch - Hatch all of the monsters by clicking on the eggs.
Plays: 669 Rating: Not rated

Spark Your Neurons
Spark Your Neurons - Remove all but one of the marbles from the board.
Plays: 653 Rating: Not rated

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